A note from Megan Dorsey, founder of College Prep, LLC, to parents:

SAT Prep and College Planning Expert Megan Dorsey of College Prep LLC.

When I started College Prep, LLC, in 2006, I wanted to break free from the bureaucracy of my job as a college counselor and SAT curriculum specialist in the Houston school district and spend ALL my time helping students and their families prepare for college.  When you register for one of our SAT preparation classes, you are getting materials I designed taught either by me or by an experienced educator who works closely with me. College Prep LLC is truly a local business.

Students As Individuals

We are pleased to work with students from all area schools:  Fort Bend ISD, Lamar CISD, Stafford MSD, and many of the private schools in the area including Fort Bend Christian, Strake, St. Agnes, Logos Preparatory,  and Houston Christian.  We can take the time to really get to know the people we work with—yes, they are people, not numbers.  We know our students as we work to build their strengths and help them reach their goals.

When students take our SAT prep classes they have chosen to give up extra free time so they can improve their chances of getting into the college of their dreams.   We have the privilege of working with some of the most unique students who are truly interested and motivated in maximizing their college options.

College Prep as Part of the Community

When you register for one of our classes, you are not doing business with a huge national company; you are investing in a business owned and operated in Fort Bend County.  You are helping us give back.

We donate thousands of dollars each year to educational and social efforts in our community.  Additionally, we support student activities such as sports, theater, speech & debate, and dance.  Annually we donate to local programs including:

  • Fort Bend Education Foundation
  • Lamar Educational Awards Foundation (L.E.A.F.)
  • Lunches of Love
  • Common Threads
  • and numerous individual PTO, PTA, booster club, and student organizations

Your business is important to us.  I am looking forward to meeting YOU and your student soon…please get in touch!