ACT Overview

The Best ACT Prep Classes in Sugar Land

  • Local classes taught by a national expert.
  • Class structure that mirrors the actual exam.
  • Meaningful practice designed to produce results.

Don’t settle for a college-kid trained to teach from a workbook or a big-box national tutoring chain trying to sell you another program. Work with Megan Dorsey a Sugar Land resident and national expert on test prep and college admissions.

Our Class Structure Mirrors the Test

Unlike our SAT class which switches topics every 20-30 minutes (like the SAT), the ACT classes focus on each subject for an hour or two per class (a lot like the test where students complete one subject at a time for 35-60 minutes.)

This structure means we will typically cover two of the four graded areas in each class session.  Students will need to develop their focus and concentration to stay on one topic for a longer period of time. (Again, just like what they will need to do on the ACT.)

Class Schedule

Our ACT program is condensed and allows students to prepare in a shorter period of time than our SAT classes. Classes meet twice a week for three weeks and take two full-length practice test during that time.  This schedule is ideal for the student who wants to dive in and finish quickly.  Ideally, students can devote 10-15 hours a week to the class.

We will offer classes for the following ACT test dates: February, April, and September. We may add classes for October and December if there is sufficient demand.

We will not offer classes for the June ACT because the test is typically given on the second Saturday after school is out. We have found students are so busy at the end of May  and so tired once school is out that we do not teach classes at this time of year.  We can provide private tutoring.

What to Expect

Each class meeting we will cover two ACT subjects plus overall test taking strategies. We will teach:

  • test taking strategies
  • ACT English
  • ACT Math
  • ACT Reading
  • ACT Science
  • ACT Writing (essay)

Students will practice the content and strategies taught in class by completing weekly assignments.  Generally, homework will take 30 minutes a day, for a total of 2-3 hours a week.  Assignments will be checked for completion and parents will be notified if we observe problems.

In addition to regular class meetings, students will also complete two full-length ACT tests.  These practice tests allow students to identify weaknesses, gauge progress, adjust strategies, and build experience.

Meaningful Practice:  Quality Over Quantity

Studies consistently show that simply taking more practice tests will NOT improve a student’s scores. Our goal is to provide meaningful practice where students learn from each assignment and practice test.