SAT Overview

Our Class Structure Mirrors the Actual SAT

Each class meeting we will cover overall strategies, reading, math, and writing.  We switch back and forth from one topic to another.  Our classes are teaching students to focus intensely for 15-30 minute periods– exactly what they are expected to do on the SAT.

This frustrates some students.  They want to do all math or all reading in a class.  But the SAT demands students switch topics every 25 minutes.  Our class structure is mirroring the SAT so students learn to focus on all topic areas and quickly switch from one to another.

Class Schedule

Students need more time to master some of the content for the SAT (vocabulary is a perfect example.) For this reason our classes meet once a week for 8 weeks.  This gives students time to complete the practice material in between classes and allows enough time to effectively learn the material.

We will offer classes for the following SAT test dates: March, May, October (SAT & PSAT), and December.

We do not offer classes for the June SAT (even top students are burnt out by June), January SAT (everyone means to study over the holidays, but we find few ever do), or November SAT (our focus in the fall is for the October test dates.)  We can provide private tutoring for these tests.

What to Expect

In each class meeting we will cover:

  • test taking strategies
  • SAT reading
  • SAT math
  • SAT writing
  • college-bound vocabulary
  • homework questions

Students will practice the content and strategies taught in class by completing weekly assignments.  Generally, homework will take 20-30 minutes a day, for a total of 2-3 hours a week.  Assignments will be checked for completion and parents will be notified if we observe problems.

Meaningful Practice:  Quality Over Quantity

Studies consistently show that simply taking more practice tests will NOT improve a student’s SAT scores. Our goal is to provide meaningful practice where students learn from each assignment.

Our course includes two full-length practice tests, one we will take as a group. Students have access to additional practice tests if they feel additional tests are appropriate.

Most of our class time is devoted to instruction.  Students are expected to practice skills and strategies at home.